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Welcome to De Alba Travel, where we make your trip more affordable and enjoyable.


De Alba Travel & Services
Main office
De Alba Travel & Services
Tulare & First St 
Bakersfield Branch
1440 19th St, Bakersfield, Ca
(661) 322-6826


3075 E. Tulare Ave.
Fresno, Ca
(559) 266-0608
    Tulare & First


1010 Fulton Street
Fresno, Ca
(559) 498-0608


Next to Jalisco Jewelers &

 Los Panchos Restaurant

Inside La Palmas Check


Inside Jalisco Jewelers


Delano Branch
Hanford Branch
Kerman Branch
1115 Main St
 Delano, Ca
(661) 725-2075

131 W. 7th Street
Hanford, Ca
(559) 585-0608
Seventh & Irwin


15144 W Whitesbridge Ave
Kerman, Ca
(559) 846-5040

Inside Jalisco Jewelers


Inside Jalisco Jewelers


Inside Jalisco Jewelers


Madera Branch
Porterville Branch
Selma Branch
2001 Cleveland Ave 
Madera, Ca
(559) 661-7770
 145 N Main St
 Porterville, CA
(559) 781-5556


2738 Whitson St
 Selma, Ca
(559) 891-9910

Inside Jalisco Jewelers


Inside Jalisco Jewelers


Inside Jalisco Jewelers


San Joaquin Branch
8221 S Main St
San Joaquin, Ca
(559) 693-4030

Karlilulu's Gift Shop

Click on Jalisco Jewelers logo to visit their website...
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